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 In recent years, change of the environment which surrounds an office is remarkable.The office of the company is asked for paperless issue by an electronic conference or electronic banking and improvement in the productivity by office furniture with the substantial functionality and realization of the creativity in the raised amenity environment which has arranged the foliage plant and the tropical fish tank etc.

 Meanwhile, the element belonging to the infrastructure of buildings, such as an air conditioning and lighting, aims at realizing uniform environment until now, and corresponded to neither the contents of work, nor liking of an individual. However, it is required for individualization and advancement of escription of job to be flexibly adapted and to create the office environment aiming at the improvement in creativity and stress mitigation of people who work in a future office.

 From such a viewpoint, the convenience and comfortable nature of people who work in an office are improved, and it becomes an important subject to realize individual distribution / optimization environmental space which produces intellectual productivity and creativity.Since such space needs to be optimized accommodative from viewpoints of not only the contents of work but every person's sensitivity, mental health, etc., it is made to call it "smart office environment."The solution of this problem is making the advanced functional office environment which improved the functionality of the lighting system and the air conditioning system which are environmental infrastructure of an office, and made them intelligent, and also was not able to be conventionally realized by cooperation with other electricity and electric devices.




 When realizing "intellectual office environment", the technology used as a base are lighting apparatus and air conditioning apparatus of the office in which distributed control is possible and reservation of the interconnection nature by the network of other electric apparatus or information machines and equipment and decision of the service which is realized and construction of the advanced control algorithm of a distributed system. Such technology is unified and it seems that the day is near when an office has next-generation environment if a research institution and a company cooperate and promote research and development of the element which realizes "smart office environment."

 From such a viewpoint, we establish the "smart office environment consortium."Many research institutions and companies which have original technology based on this consortium cooperate, and establishment of the de facto standard for new plan and investigation of service, and utilization, exploitation of an applicable field, holding of a study meeting or a research meeting, spread activities, etc. are performed. It seems that promoting advanced features of office environment, and improving productivity and man's comfortable nature by this, and also contributing to energy saving has a very big meaning to the future of Japan.

 Of course, environment which it is going to realize by this consortium, such as next generation type lighting and an air conditioning, does not remain in an office, but a school, a factory, a department store, a supermarket, a convenience store, or a hospital offers high functionality and amenity at all the places in which people are present. Many makers of these all field concentrated to this consortium, and made the environment of lighting and an air conditioning renew, and I think that we would like to lead the world with the technology about realization of "smart office environment".




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