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A smart office environment consortium will be established
as stated to the prospectus.
The next activity is performed in this consortium.


  1. Holding of a monthly study group
    1. Information is exchanged about an advancement and
      advanced features of office environment based on subject
      offer from a company with the well-informed person and
      high technology of a university and a research institution.
    2. It has a discussion on next-generation office environment.
    3. The report of research section meeting activity.

  2. Installation of a research section meeting
    1. Based on a specific theme, several companies
      gather and research and development are performed.
    2. Acquisition of intellectual property.
    3. A part of information services to a monthly study group.
    4. Acquisition of research and development grants.
    5. Specific theme : Development of smart light, development of smart illuminance sensor, development of smart air-conditioner, Development of smart thermometer, establishment of the protocol of smart office network, development of smart distributed control algorithm, research of the physiology and the sensitivity of office environment and a human being, establishment of the measuring method of office productivity, comfortable nature, and the degree of fatigue, decision of highly efficient service of an office, etc.

  3. Holding of events, such as an inspection meeting, a school, and symposium

  4. Exhibition to a show

  5. Implementation of a research-and-development project

  6. In addition to this


 I am pleased if power is got in research and development, and utilization of the technology for which your company detailed in this field joins this consortium, and realizes improvement in productivity, comfortable nature, creativity, etc., and big energy saving not only at next-generation office environment but at all the places.

Chairman  Mitsunori Miki
(The professor of the Doshisha University faculty of technology )