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 □ Activity of a consortium is divided into three steps and it works by the following concepts in each     stage. Each stage is for about one year, and a certain amount of overlap is required for it.

    1. Step1:Investigation and examination of a resource required for research and development of the element which realizes "smart office environment". Holding of the study meeting exceeding the boundaries of an area of research and the industry
    2. Step2:Research and development of the element which realizes "smart office environment" .
    3. Step3:Development of the prototype of "smart office environment".

 □ Promotion of research used as a basic. Development of technology used as a basic.
 □ Each company develops an original product on base technology.
 □ Each product guarantees interconnection with the fixed level, and makes a still higher function     discover by network.
 □ Cooperation of many companies is obtained and the aggregate of the technology which can be     exported to the world in from Japan is made.




 Start : 1 time of every month from March, 2007
 Number of times : 12 times per year (eight Tokyo, four Kansai)
 Contents : A management committee plans and manages.
 □ Introduction of extraction of the problem of office environment, and the measure for solution.
 □ Investigation of the needs about lighting and air-conditioning environment in many fields and     industries.
 □ Investigation of the research trend about office environment.
 □ Investigation about the smart distributed control of lighting and air-conditioning.
 □ Investigation of the network about lighting, air-conditioning, electricity, and information machines     and equipment.




The member who expected admission of the research section meeting and was approved at the research section meeting concerned. A chief examiner and a vice-chief examiner are placed by mutual election.

Research and development are performed according to the subject of research and development goal which received recognition from the steering committee. After establishing a consortium, it installs if needed after half a year.

 □Intellectual property
Each research section meeting sets up and the right concerned is acquired based on the fund, the labor force, and the idea which the constituent subscribed according to the agreement about the intellectual property which the steering committee recognized.

 □Intellectual property in each research section meeting
considered as a closed meeting and an agreement is created at each part meeting. According to a contribution of each constituent, it has a right in principle.

 □The research section meeting under installation examination
   1.Decision of the network protocol for autonomous distributed control.
   2.Development of smart lighting system.
   3.Control algorithm research section meeting.
   4.A card type illuminance sensor, a temperature sensor research section meeting.
   5.Interface research section meeting.
   6.Applicable field exploitation and an intellectual property strategy research section meeting .
   7.Development of the intellectual productivity and stress measurement technology of human.
   8.Development of the measurement technology of the physiology and state of mind of human.
   9.Investigation examination of the component engineering of a smart air-conditioning system.